Met up with a good ol’ friend Slava Kim, MIT EECS ‘19 and JavaScript master extraordinaire.

Арман Сулейменов
<p>He graduated Karaganda KTL in 2012, and the same summer immigrated to the US. I’ve met 17-year old Slava in Sep ’12 and in Oct ’12 he joined Collections as an employee #4. No college degrees required! We worked &amp; lived together in our hacker house on 1200 Lubich Drive, Mountain View, CA. In May 2013 he joined <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, the company behind the popular framework for building modern web applications. In 2 years there he became one of the main contributors to Meteor’s open source library and gave numerous tech talks to evangelize Meteor. In the fall of 2015 after 3 years in industry he enrolls as a freshman at MIT where he’s currently working on a thesis under the supervision of renowned MIT Prof and a former child prodigy Erik Demaine. In the summer of 2016 he interned at Facebook where he worked with Lee Byron on GraphQL. This summer he is joining Brave, company behind the new fast &amp; secure web browser started by the Javascript creator Brendan Eich. </p><p>His long-term goal is to achieve world-class mastery in computer security. I hope that in 2018 Slava finds time to share his story with high school &amp; college students to inspire them to build their dreams in code!</p>