Persimmon 2.0 - the magical way to reach unlikely goals

Арман Сулейменов
Happy to present our new app. The mission of Persimmon is to help you reach your goals in 7 areas of life (career, finance, spirituality, health, learning, love, family) with the power of visualization and small daily steps. Just 3 steps: 1) set your goals in 7 major areas of life; 2) every morning, visualize your ideal future; 3) every evening, reflect on what you did towards each of your goals. Here’s the quote from Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, "The idea behind affirmations is that you simply write down your goals 15 times a day and somehow, as if by magic, coincidences start to build until you achieve your objective against all odds. An affirmation is a simple sentence such as 'I Scott Adams will become a syndicated cartoonist’. (That’s one I actually used)”. In 2003 when I was in the 9th grade, I learnt about positive affirmations & visualizations and decided to give it a shot. I wrote my 7 goals on flashcards. In my High School days, these were things like getting the maximum score (120) on ENT (SAT of Kazakhstan), reaching an audience of 10,000 people with my websites, being 175cm (I’m serous - throughout HS I was the shortest kid in the entire classroom), etc.. In the morning, I would go through my flashcards and visualize the ideal future. In the evening, I would quickly reflect on what I did towards each of my goals. A few months (and with certain goals even weeks) in, I would start to see the results. Needless to say, the positive reinforcement made me keep this ritual till this day. Persimmon is essentially the digital manifestation of my habit from the ‘analogue’ world. Dream up an inspiring life & looking forward to see what you guys think. Get the app in the App Store: Upvote on Product Hunt: