The best way to get a job at a company when you have literally zero connections is to do something no one else does.

Арман Сулейменов
And that is — go beyond traditional resumes and cover letters. Demonstrate you’re a valuable part of the team before you’re part of the team. Take their business and improve some key aspect of it — be it a product, design, marketing, etc. At we build original mobile apps for both local and international audiences. Since 2015 along with and we do, mobile apps incubator to produce engineers and build lots of new apps in parallel. As part of our modest hiring spree, we’re looking for talent for two full-time roles. A) Chief of Marketing who will work along with us to grow the userbase of our apps. An exciting role which will involve pitching to international and local press, producing the podcast, email marketing, applying Gabriel Weinberg’s Bullseye Framework to test 19 marketing channels for an explosive customer growth, etc.. B) Android Engineer who will be responsible for building the (surprise surprise) Android versions of some of our top iOS apps. Send your resume to Looking forward to connect!