This 20-year old Kazakh developer is breaking into $1.1B eSports market

Арман Сулейменов
DotaMate is a platform for Dota 2 Guides & Builds for Hero strategy coming from professional players. When Yerbol was climbing his MMR (Match Making Rating), he was watching builds by pro players. He found constant alt-tabbing a terrible way to see what’s next. On top of that, in-game builds were always out of date. So he decided to build DotaMate, Product Hunt for Builds & Guides where players can share their expertise with each other. Not to click the clock and do the math during the game, he also implemented Roshan Timer to track the timing of Roshan (whatever that means!). DotaMate is one man’s operation. The mastermind behind the app is Yerbol Kopzhassar, rising ECE senior at Newcastle University. Outside of playing chess and hacking microcontrollers, he is a competitive Dota 2 player with the rating of 6150 (top 0.1%), winner of the Acer Open GameShow League Season 1 (Moscow, Russia) & AOC UK Dota 2 Challenge. To my shame, I’ve never played Dota (and never been a computer gamer in general with an exception of a few Mortal Kombat / FIFA stints back in High School), but based on numerous conversations with Yerbol for the past 2 months I realized that his app is a real painkiller for the Dota 2 community. His yesterday’s announcement hit the /r/Dota2 subreddit with the storm of 214 upvotes and ~100 comments which led to the first 1,000 downloads in 24 hours - And it’s just Day 0! If you have a minute, show love by leaving a review on App Store: P/S: DotaMate along with 45 other great mobile apps built at nFactorial Incubator (#N17R) will be presented at the Demo Day at 10am on August 13 (Sat). Location: Round Hall, KBTU, Almaty. Looking forward to see you all!